Enticer Series - Premium “Jeweled Corkscrew” Walleye Spinner and Worm Harnesses

Size 3.5 - P’s Favorite/Brass - Slow Death - Jeweled Corkscrew - Spinner & Worm Harness

Our new “Jeweled Corkscrew“ Walleye Spinner and Worm Harnesses are unique to our marketplace. They are a cross between our “Old School Jewel“ trout/kokanee spinners and our 3.5 Walleye rigs. We’ve completed the harness with a size 2 Mustad Slow Death hook for the perfect corkscrew twist when rigged with a night crawler.

  • 4‘ - 14lb - Flourocarbon leader
  • Premium 3.5 Colorado blades
  • Two Jeweled bands surround a floating pill
  • #2 Mustad Slow Death Hook provides the perfect action for a half nightcrawer

Huge Columbia river fish gobble these up!

$5.49 Each

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